You can win cards from all the songs you play in THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL, or you can enter special passwords to get them automatically!

But it's not quite that easy... The passwords for both the normal and RARE versions of the cards will be revealed through our FINAL FANTASY social pages, so make sure you've liked all the pages below!

To enter passwords, go to "Settings" and select "Enter Passwords" (both options must be unlocked through gameplay). Please note passwords are case-sensitive.

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Minwu Mysidia Real age unknown
Cid There's not just one Wheel of Time
Cecil Handy in a pinch Future King
Rydia Crybaby! Grew up pretty fine
Faris Can rock a dress Flames of Courage
Cloud Chocobo-head Not interested
Aerith Flowergirl I want to meet you
Vivi Ornitier A bit of a klutz
Yuni Heterochromia Like father, like daughter
Snow Crazy about Serah Stubble of love
Serah Fights with a moogle Ultima Arrow
Moogle Hot dance moves No touching the tail

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